Reject the Candidacy of IDC Co-Founder for Congress – 2020

We are asking you to join with us in rejecting the candidacy in the NYS CD 17 Democratic Primary of IDC Co-Founder David Carlucci.

Whereas Congresswoman Nita Lowey is not running for re-election and there are several highly qualified candidates running in the Democratic Party Primary to succeed her, we submit that the IDC (Independent Democratic Conference) Co-Founder is definitively NOT one of them.

>As a founding IDC member, from his first day in office, David Carlucci aligned himself with the NYS Senate Republican Caucus and successfully blocked crucial legislation that the Senate Democratic Caucus tried to pass, including, but not limited to: the Reproductive Health Act, Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act, NY Liberty Act, Dream Act, Early Voting, Climate and Community Protection Act, Full Funding for our Schools, Fair Pay Act, an initiative to appoint a monitor with veto power in the East Ramapo School District, and the Child Victim’s Act.

>His record proves that he is an opportunist; that “getting things done” means betraying Democratic principles, and that lying to his constituents about his role in the IDC was his modus operandi. From the very first day he took office in January 2011, he deceived the voters in his district and continued to do so for almost 8 years. He ran for office as a Democrat but sat with the IDC and enabled the NYS Republicans to control the NYS Senate. He also helped draw some of the most gerrymandered districts in the nation, effectively working to ensure Republican control of the Senate.

Not until after the IDC was forced to dissolve and 6 of the 8 IDC members were voted out of office in November 2018 did this candidate join the NYS Senate Democratic Caucus – all the while deceiving his constituents about his allegiances.

>Now he is asking Democrats to trust him with a seat in Congress. Carlucci didn’t fight for us in the New York State Senate; he cannot be trusted to fight for us in Congress. His years of betrayal to the voters cannot be forgotten.

We are asking you to join us in rejecting the candidacy of IDC Co-Founder, David Carlucci, in the NYS CD 17 Democratic Primary.

Add your name if you reject his candidacy. If you are signing on behalf of an organization, email your logo, if you have one, to (Individuals as well as organizations are welcome to sign.)

For more information and/or to volunteer, please email:

(in formation – as of 5/20/2020)
ProChoice Voter
Rockland United
IndivisibleWeStand UWS
Blue Media Project
Irvington Democratic Committee
CCoHOPE Indivisible
True Blue NY
Empire State Indivisible
Peekskill Democratic City Committee
We Of Action New York
Our Progressive Future
Briarcliff  Ossining Indivisible
Rockland Citizens Action Network
Indivisible White Plains
CD17 Indivisible
Inwood Indivisible
Tarrytown Democratic Committee
White Plains Democratic City Committee
Greenburgh Democratic Committee
Citizen Action of New York
The Cortlandt Democratic Committee
Croton in Action
Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee

Individual Signers
(in formation – as of 5/20/2020)
Catherine Lederer-Plaskett, Westchester
Jonathan H. Appel, Westchester
Ivanya Alpert, Rockland
Shari Maurer, Rockland
Alejandro A. Forte, Rockland
Tomara Aldrich, Rockland
Jocelyn Jane Cox, Rockland
Paul Diamond, Rockland
Lois Sloan, Rockland
Mark Dery, Rockland
Meredith Wisner, Rockland
Tina Rose, Rockland
John Maltbie, Rockland
Benjamin D. Goldstein, Rockland
Elizabeth Barrie, Rockland
Marcel Madsen, Rockland
Leah Hoffmann, Rockland
Neville Clynes, Rockland
Felicia Clynes, Rockland
Julia Gayduk Healey, Rockland
Michael Kane, Westchester
Amanda Hellerman, Westchester
Raphy Jacobson, Bronx
Ali Moss, Westchester
Giselle Schuetz, Westchester
Matthew Rosenberg, Westchester
Marcia Stone, Westchester
Chelsea Bray, Westchester
Rebecca Hershberg, Westchester
Jonathan Hershberg, Westchester
Trish Anderton, New York
Scott Berger, Westchester
Abbe l Kadish, Westchester
Sarah Seigel, Westchester
Bruce Tucker, Rockland
Samantha Sherwood, Rockland
Kim Izzarelli, Westchester
Tina Volz-Bongar, Westchester
Barry Surman, Rockland
Darcy Casteleiro, Rockland
Wendy Frank, Westchester
Alex Acaro, Westchester
Susan Kang, Queens
Bobbi Bittker, Westchester
David Imamura, Westchester
Jessica Kurtz, Westchester
Roger Drew, Westchester
Allison Midgley, Westchester
Ruthie Yankwitt, Westchester
Rochelle Yankwitt, Westchester
Rosemary Dowling, Westchester
Jeanne Claire Cotnoir, Westchester
Tyler Lederer-Plaskett, Westchester
Rodney Lederer-Plaskett, Westchester
Jovita Geraci, Rockland
Kathy Marks, Westchester
Elaine Summers, Westchester
John Kirkpatrick, Westchester
Sam Stuto, Westchester
Tom Roach, Westchester
Jenn Puja, Westchester
Esteban Michaca, Westchester
Deborah Zipf, Westchester
Renee Cohen, Westchester
Willa Swiller, Westchester
Marion Asnes, Westchester
Mott Ravick, Westchester
Ellen Berger, Westchester
Vicki Presser, Westchester
Lauren McCallion, Westchester
Diane Travers, Westchester
Paul Schwarz, Westchester
Barbara Schwarz, Westchester
Michael Donohue, Westchester
Ken Creary, Westchester
Rita Malmud, Westchester
Diane Travers, Westchester
Andy Grossman, Westchester
Phil McGovern, Westchester
Marie Houston, Westchester
Jonette Mines, Westchester
Danielle Sulinski, Westchester
Lisa Genn, Westchester
Verity Van Fassel Richars, Westchester
Linda Krueger, Westchester
Jill Neubar, Westchester
Ellen Prior, Westchester
Kate Krahl, Westchester
Shari Rosen Ascher, Westchester
Justin C. Brasch, Westchester
Kinnan O’Connell, Westchester
Anita Marshall, Westchester
Lynn Rabin, Rockland
Beth Powers, Westchester
Susan Hart, Westchester
Jay Forbes, Westchester
Michelle Keller, Westchester
Marianna Stout, Westchester
Lynne Nayman, Westchester
Michael Kane, Westchester
Ken Martin, Westchester
Marta Brooks, Westchester
Steven Rabinowitz, Westchester
Matt Ravick, Westchester
Steve Kollias, Westchester
John Mucciolo, Westchester
Linda Wildman, Westchester
Kevin Riley, Westchester
Drew Claxton, Westchester
Ruth Wells, Westchester
Michael Bongas, Westchester
Deborah Bloom, Westchester
Bill Greenawalt, Westchester
Kristen Woll, Westchester
Mark Lafayette, Westchester
Gina Jackson, Westchester
Elaine Trader, Westchester
Tina Bongar, Westchester
Connie Lobur, Westchester
Deborah Stedge, Rockland
Ivy Reeves, Westchester
Celeste Patterson, Westchester
Inga Bell, Westchester
Karen Beltran, Westchester
Dan MacDonald, Rockland
Gail Sasso, Westchester
Hunter Petro, Rockland
Mathew Maurer, Rockland
Eric Maurer, Rockland
Joshua Maurer, Rockland
Elisabeth Maurer, Rockland
Sam Berger, Westchester
Zacha Tuttle, Rockland
Judy Gitlin, Rockland
Susan C Montemorano, Rockland
Steven Lee, Rockland
Suzanne Hollmann, Rockland
Vered Talmor-Pulley, Rockland
Bethann Goff, Rockland
Dimitri Laddis, Rockland
Maritza Fitzgerald, Westchester
Amy Berger, Westchester
Jill Levy-Fisch, Westchester
Disan Davis, Westchester
Brian C. Smith, Westchester
Jennifer Eyges, Westchester
Lauren Berger, Westchester
Kathy Gonzalez, Rockland
Zack Roth, Westchester
Kate McGreevy, Rockland
Jessica Halprin, Westchester
Karen Reina, Rockland
Meryl Hirsch, Rockland
Nicole Doliner, Rockland
Joanna Powell, Westchester
Ellen Lewis, Westchester
Margaret Berger, Westchester
Matt Kelley, Rockland
Allison Jaynes, Rockland
Stanley Berger, Rockland
Matthew Jaynes, Rockland
Ethan Jaynes, Rockland
Patricia Salgado-Hernandez, Rockland
Marjorie C Miller, Westchester
Ashley Curtis, Rockland
Sherry Miller, Rockland
Jim Uleman, Rockland
Elyse Knight, Rockland
Pamela Hudson, Rockland
Brian Walsh, Rockland
Beth Begley, Rockland
Marthe Schulwolf, Rockland
Patricia Rivera, Rockland
Zach Fisch, Westchester
Debra Kahrs, Rockland
Karena Cronin, Rockland
James Ross, Rockland
Jeff Glaser, Rockland
Ricky Silver, Manhattan
Katelin Penner, Westchester
Peter Bernstein, Westchester
Ellen Kelly-Lind, Albany
Emily Feiner, Rockland
Alex Fazio, Westchester
Joanne Powell, Westchester
Kevin Ray, Westchester
Lisa Lafayette, Westchester
Ed Trader, Westchester
Hudson Trader, Westchester
Rob Abbot, Westchester
David Brezler, Westchester
Felise Milan, Westchester
Sarah Campbell, Westchester
Linda Viertel, Westchester
Lysa Hoffman, Westchester
Joanne Formisano, Westchester
Kimberly Marcus, Westchester
Melissa J Rose, Westchester
Luis Ramirez, Rockland
Michele Hamilton, Rockland
Joann Anagnost, Rockland
Joanne Picott, Rockland
Livvie Mann, New York
Barbara Scheulen, Rockland
Elizabeth Co, Rockland
Mayra Bloom, Rockland
Jonathan Gleit, Westchester
Enid Weishaus, Rockland
Charlotte Baron, Westchester
Marjorie Hsu, Westchester
Katherine Fallon, Rockland
Michelle Dollinger, Rockland
Michelle Solomon, Rockland
Donald James, Rockland
Emily G. Shapiro, Bronx
Jennifer Cabrera, Rockland
Joann Anagnost, Rockland
Leanora Di Ugu, Rockland
Lila Pereira, Rockland
Francis Sheehan, Westchester
Millie Ortiz Sheehan, Westchester
Josh Daniel, New York
Tim James, Westchester
Krishnan Chittur, Westchester
Sheryl Rosenberg, Westchester
Rebecca Blair, Rockland
Susanne Kernan, Rockland
Fred Margolies, Westchester
Nedda Schoenfeld, Westchester
Margaret Segall, New York
Jeremiah Conway, Rockland
Miriam Hoffman, Rockland
Chris Lerardi, Rockland
Carolyn McGrey, Rockland
Daniel Plasarke, Rockland
Emily King, Rockland
Elissa Holzman, Westchester
Cassandra Hooper, Westchester
Julie Minter, Westchester
Bettina Mayer, Westchester
Elizabeth Keller, Westchester
Signe Bergstrom, Westchester
Marcia Friedman, Westchester
Carolyn Kunin, Rockland
Jill Fisch, Rockland
Stephen Seligman, Rockland