Voter Beware – Toxic Candidate

Articles are appearing in newspapers around New York State describing the very real chance that voters may elect the founding member of the IDC, Carlucci, to Congress. Why? Because voters are not connecting the devastating impact HIS IDC had on New York State for 8 long years with this candidate.  A vote for the IDC co-founder vs. a vote for any of the other candidates will be dictated by how much a person knows about the IDC. Educate your friends and neighbors! Could a former IDC’er go to D.C. as a Democrat? 

Anti-Choice Carlucci is a dangerous opportunist. As a founding member of the IDC*, starting on his first day in office and for the next 7+ years, he aligned himself with the NYS Senate Republican Caucus and successfully blocked crucial legislation that the Senate Democratic Caucus tried to pass, including the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act.

For more information, click here: ProChoiceVoter.orgReject the Candidacy of IDC Co-Founder for Congress – 2020 and Planned Parenthood tells the IDC where to get off!