Using his Senate allocation of funds to promote his 2020 campaign!

It’s totally legal for elected officials to send out mailers informing constituents about the goings-on in the district. Some residents may even appreciate that.

But this is completely over the top! Carlucci is using his NYS funds allocation to promote his 2020 Congressional campaign.

Some candidates never change. He isn’t being straight with the voters again!

He is mailing constituents  8.5″ x 10″ glossies promoting himself and his candidacy for Congress – all from his NYS Senate office account –  making claims about advancing bills that he spent years blocking as a member of the IDC.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he is “misleading” voters about who supports him. He is including old pictures of himself with celebrities and elected officials – US Senators, NYS Assembly reps and even the Congresswoman whose seat he is trying to win. None of these elected officials have endorsed him!

He has mailed at least 8 of these over-sized self-promotional puff pieces from his Senate account. AND in today’s mail, yet another one of his promo pieces arrived, paid for with our tax dollars.

If we can’t trust him in Albany, and we can’t trust him when he runs for office,  we sure can’t trust him in Washington DC.

Some folks never change their stripes.