Planned Parenthood tells the IDC where to get off!

All 8 members of the IDC, including David Carlucci, are anti-choice.  Remember the saying, “actions speak louder than words”? Well, their actions spoke volumes about being opponents of comprehensive reproductive rights including abortion. (It’s not what you say; it is what you do!)

Every single day – from January 2011 through September 2018 – even after Trump & Co took control – the IDC members, including co-founder David Carlucci, put their own interests before the women of NYS, blocking all reproductive health legislation.

They blocked the Reproductive Health Act, Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act, and  Contingency funding for Planned Parenthood – the contingency financing of which, with Trump’s Domestic Gag Order now in place, is clearly essential for the health and well-being of NY women.

And all the while, they, including Carlucci, lied about it all!

But in 2017, things began to get a little “hot”. Trump was in office and people were beginning to pay attention to Albany.

Determined to cover their lies and actions with more lies, the IDC sent out a mailer, a fake report card, that among other things implied that the 8 IDC members had been endorsed by Planned Parenthood — NOT!  That was their “bridge too far” and Planned Parenthood wasn’t having any of it.

The IDC’s claims were so distorted and extreme, Planned Parenthood responded with a mailing refuting the implication of support. (Image above.)

Whereas Planned Parenthood’s mailing did not bring down the IDC, it did support Choice Matters’ fight to expose the IDC for what they were: anti-choice opportunists. That fight continued for another 18 months.

Fast forward to today.

One of the IDC members, co-founder David Carlucci, who from his very first day in office promised his constituents one thing and did the exact opposite – wants to replace the staunchest advocate the women of New York and throughout the United States could have – abortion-rights leader and glass-ceiling crusher Congresswoman Nita Lowey.

We must tell Carlucci, we remember and we know the truth about him.

It is clear that David Carlucci is anti-choice and that he cannot be trusted. He has proven over and over again that he will turn his back on the women and our right to comprehensive reproductive healthcare. Send him home.

NYS CD #17 must elect a TRUE Pro-Choice candidate to follow in Congresswoman Lowey’s footsteps – not an anti-choice opportunist.