2020 is finally here!

The 2016 election of Donald Trump turned the world upside down, and we have been battling back ever since. We are at war, one that is being waged in every city, suburb and rural area across this nation, and right here in New York State. We are battling for control of the US House of Representatives and Senate, and for our State governments – And for the White House. This goes to the very heart of all that we value.

It is “sink or swim” for women’s reproductive rights. Never before have we been at this point where we stand to lose everything that we have fought so hard for. When Roe v. Wade is overturned – and the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court just about guarantees it will be – it will be too late.

We at ProChoice Voter are not backing down from the fight to protect everything we’ve fought for. In fact, we are rising up.

We have not allowed ourselves to be distracted. Using the momentum of the 2018 Blue Wave, our sister organizations, WCLA PAC and Choice Matters, made sure New York women finally have the full constitutional protection of Roe v. Wade – And together with the support of amazing women propelled into action by the Trump election, we took back the US House of Representatives.

But now we are confronting head-on the horrific backlash from anti-choice zealots that has erupted in Westchester and across New York State. Not since 1972 has New York been so engulfed in anti-choice extremism – All at the same time as Congresswoman Nita Lowey is retiring, the New York State Senate is up for re-election – And Donald Trump is on the ballot, with his rabid anti-woman anti-immigrant doctrine serving to inflame his base not just in the South and Midwest but here in New York too.

We are laser-focused and knows what to do. Our knowledge base has been developed from over 40 years of activism, and is imperative as we fight back to elect leaders to Congress and fortify New York State.

2020 is finally here. There will be no time to waste. The election will not only be about defeating Donald Trump. It will be about defeating his allies and protecting the gains we made in 2018.

Together with our sister organizations, ProChoice Voter is leading the way, with our proven methodology, database and phenomenal track record! And we will win in 2020 – But not without your support!

Join us as fight for each seat in the House of Representatives beginning with NYS CD #17! Say NO to the co-founder of the NYS IDC (Independent Democratic Conference, and YES to any one of a number of other well qualified candidates running to replace retiring Congresswoman Nita Lowey.