A Right-Wing Religious Fanatic’s Voting Record


Trump’s Running Mate, Governor of Indiana Mike Pence

Pence’s record as Governor (2012 to the present):
*Signed into law every anti-abortion anti-reproductive rights piece of legislation that has crossed his desk.
*Outlawed all abortions sought because a fetus has been diagnosed with a disability (such as Down syndrome). Providers who perform such abortions could be sued for wrongful death. Pregnant women were required to view the fetal ultrasound and hear the heartbeat at least 18 hours before an abortion. Providers or individuals in possession of aborted or miscarried fetal matter were required to cremate or bury it, and the transferring or collecting fetal tissue became a felony.
*Refused to comply with Obama administration rules aimed at reducing prison rape.
Signed into law the most extreme bill permitting business owners to refuse service to gay and lesbian customers due to their religious beliefs, thus allowing religion to be used as an excuse for other forms of discrimination.

Pence’s record in Congress (2000 – 2012):
*Authored the first bill to block federal funds from Planned Parenthood.
*Voted twice against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and once against the Paycheck Fairness Act;
*Co-sponsored the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions Act which was aimed at redefining the rape exemption in a ban on federal abortion funding to “forcible rape.”
*Co-sponsored an amendment that would have prohibited same-sex marriage.
*Voted against the Employee Non-Discrimination Act aimed at preventing job discrimination based on sexual orientation and opposed a bill aimed at more effectively prosecuting hate crimes based on sexual orientation.
*Voted against the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.
*Voted against expanding health coverage for low-income kids.
*Voted against raising the minimum wage.
*Opposed additional funding for Section 8 vouchers that help low-income families pay rent.

FYI – In Indiana:
Hoosier women make $.75 on the dollar to men.
Indiana ranks 41st of all states and the District of Columbia in pay equity.

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